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We all know how painful chasing paper forms and filling in endless spreadsheets can be when it comes to managing staff leave. That's why BOOKADAYOFF was created; to make managing staff holiday and absence the proverbial piece of cake.

No more paper forms or wall calendars. No more spreadsheets on shared devices. No more wasted time and resource. BOOKADAYOFF staff leave management gives you complete control over managing staff holiday and absence via an easy to use system.

So, start your free trial today. Go on, help yourself to that slice of cake.

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We understand how time-consuming staff leave management can be, so we designed a staff holiday management system that incorporates staff absence management too.

Which is why, with BOOKADAYOFF, it's easy to visualise and manage staff holiday and staff absence in a paperless (and painless!) way. Every staff member has their own personal portal with a reminder of how many days off they've had and how many they have left that year.
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for any business type
  • Available on desktop, smartphones, tablets
  • Easy coordination of all staff absence
  • Personal summary of holiday entitlement
  • Team summaries of "who's off"
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Dedicated support
  • Reduces time wasted on administration
  • Cross-browser support
  • Package plan - no hidden costs
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Staff Holiday Planner

If someone wants a day off, all an employee has to do is tap on the dates they want to book off via the calendar (the calendar can also show who else in the team has time off so clashes may be avoided). The request is sent directly to their team leader (or other responsible adult) for approval, the calendar is updated, and confirmation emails sent automatically. It's that simple to use our staff holiday booking system.

Absence Management

Not just a staff holiday booking system, BOOKADAYOFF caters for all forms of staff absence - employee absence can be a significant cost for many organisations, yet research suggests that only a small number of employers actually monitor that cost. Employees may need time off for medical appointments, short-term sickness or even long-term health issues.

Impressive Features

BOOKADAYOFF is packed full of features that make managing staff holiday and absence simple. Here's a selection of the many reasons we think it would be beneficial to you and your organisation ...

Leave Types

Pre-loaded with leave types covering holiday, maternity, paternity, unpaid, staff sickness, furlough, time-off-in-lieu and compassionate leave, our system allows for the creation of any other leave types you might want to make available to your staff.

Notifications and Reminders

In addition to leave requests and booking confirmations, notifications and reminders for events and upcoming staff leave are automatically emailed to staff and their managers so they'll never miss a thing.

Multiple Calendar Views

Each member of staff has their own time off calendar which can be viewed in weekly, monthly, annual and list-view, meaning whatever their preference, we've got it covered, plus you can see who else has leave scheduled.

Accessible Everywhere

Compatible with all devices and web browsers and installable as a leave management app on mobile devices so, even if you're out and about, staff can still book time off and access everything they need in the cloud.


From user profile pictures, configuration of leave entitlement and creation of leave types, everything is customisable to suit you and your organisation - giving you a streamlined system that offers the fastest and easiest way to manage staff holidays.

Help and Tutorials

Whilst our staff leave booking system is completely intuitive to use, we've set-up help pages and interactive tutorials to guide you through any task from making a leave request through to a running report - everything to make managing staff holiday and absence easier.

If that's not enough to persuade you, discover some more of the features BOOKADAYOFF leave management has to offer ...

Link to Other Personal Calendars

Leave days can be easily imported into most popular electronic calendars such as Google and Outlook Calendars, allowing for easy coordination and planning.

Comprehensive Reporting

Whether you're an HR manager, an administrator or a team leader, you have access to powerful, real-time, reports, with all the information you need to manage and monitor the cost of staff absence.

Adaptable Shift Patterns

We realise that not everyone works the standard 9 to 5, so BOOKADAYOFF allows even the most complex shift patterns to be easily managed, making the leave booking process as fast and as easy as possible.

Team Views

View all the teams a user belongs to, with at-a-glance indicators of team members to see who has leave today, and when their next leave is scheduled.

Data Import

If you have existing organisational or employee data held electronically, we'd be happy to discuss loading it directly to your account to save you that little bit of time to focus on more important tasks.


We give you complete online access to your past (itemised) invoice history, with each invoice available to download and print whenever you need it.

Organisational Structure

Different organisations have different structures, so BOOKADAYOFF allows you to define departments, teams, locations and shifts, as well as access-control levels so everything is tailored to your organisation.

Leave Entitlement

Entitlements can be modified for individual members of staff so everything fits with your organisational policy; they are based on either a 'Day' or 'Hourly' pattern to fit individual need. Entitlements can also be automatically calculated pro-rata for new starters and leavers.

Public Holidays

Public holidays are automatically imported from GOV.UK (configurable for England and Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland), meaning any official changes will automatically show up in all calendars, but custom organisation-wide holiday days may also be defined.

What Next?

Whether you're looking for staff absence management or you need to track staff holiday and furlough, BOOKADAYOFF is a UK-based, fully-featured, easy-to-use staff leave planner offering everything you need. Just try the (no-commitment) free trial - it's easy to get started - and you'll see how simple it makes the processes of staff holiday planning and staff absence management.
Take a look at our latest video, highlighting just a few of the impressive features our staff leave planner has to offer ...

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