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Calculate leave based on a full year, or pro-rata basis

With the BOOKADAYOFF staff holiday entitlement calculator, you can calculate statutory staff holiday allowance based on a full year, or pro-rata depending on the dates for joining and/or leaving a place of work.

To start, simply choose from one of the two options below, dependent on whether allowance is based on Days or Hours.

The UK statutory holiday entitlement is 28 days (including bank holidays) but you may override this figure, if required, by clicking here

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Holiday entitlement FAQ

  • What is the legal basic holiday entitlement?

    Almost all workers in the UK are legally entitled to 5.6 weeks of paid holiday a year (known as statutory leave entitlement or annual leave).
    This includes:
    • Agency workers
    • Workers with irregular hours
    • Workers on zero-hours contracts
    An employer may include bank holidays as part of statutory staff holiday allowance.
  • What is pro-rata holiday entitlement?

    Pro-rata leave is calculated when an employee either:
    • Starts employment midway through an organisation's annual leave cycle
    • Leaves employment midway through an organisation's annual leave cycle
    • Starts and leaves within the same annual leave cycle
    For the vast majority of cases, a pro-rata calculation will be required, unless an employee starts or leaves on the same day as the organisation renews it's leave entitlements.
  • Why do I only get 20 days holiday from my employer?

    There are normally eight specified bank holidays each year. More may be offered in Scotland and Northern Ireland but the statutory provision is eight.
    In this case, the 20 days from your employer would have the 8 bank holidays added to it, bringing the total up to the statutory 28 days of staff holiday allowance.
  • How is pro-rata holiday entitlement calculated?

    Each scenario requires a different calculation based on a variety of factors, including:
    • Employment start and/or leave date
    • When an organisation renews its leave cycle
    • Contracted number of days worked per week
    • Contracted number of hours worked per week
    • Leap years
    For a more in depth guide to the calculations, please see the guide: Calculating Statutory Holiday Entitlement for Workers
  • Bonus holiday

    Although the UK statutory leave entitlement is 28 days (including 8 days for bank holidays), you may, of course, be granted more by your employer. Both the calculator on this page and the BOOKADAYOFF system can work with as many bonus days as you need them to.
  • Can holiday be measured in fractions of a day or hour?

    Absolutely! Whilst many on-line holiday entitlement calculators are limited to whole numbers, both the calculator on this page and the BOOKADAYOFF system cater for days or hours to a single decimal place.
  • Does the calculator work for part time employment?

    As long as you complete the required fields, the calculator will work out the correct entitlement for either part time or full time employment.
  • Anything else I should know?

    Want to know more about statutory entitlement and pro-rata calculation? Check out the information on at Holiday entitlement

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